About Me

Crystal J. Jackson, RMP, AHP, PMUA

Creating Self Awareness, Promoting and Advocating for Alternative Wellness and Holistic Healing using self tools, better known as Hands and Energy.

Crystal started her Healing Journey in 2015 , She is a 2017 Graduate of The Baltimore School of Massage. 

 Reiki Master, Highly Intuitive, Angelic Healing Practitioner and Aspiring Permanent Makeup Artist.

Offers expansive knowledge in several different Modalities and Techniques, Essential Oil ,Aromatherapy and Natural Skin care products. She is an anatomy nerd, continues to strive towards learning, implementing, new ways to offer her clients natural & holistic wellness opportunities.  

A lot of people confuse massage as a luxury in which it can be , but its Also a lifestyle , its a necessity in your overall health and well being. I get allot of completeness and comfort in being able to help others, it makes me a better person overall. Natural born healers, do exist and I am here to help you get on track to living a healthy and stress free lifestyle . 

 Crystal is a very Artistic person ,she refers to herself as a Sporadic Artist :)  she enjoys sewing,crocheting, painting , drawing, writing, up-cycling and refurbishing to name a few. She also collects antiques and enjoys just about anything vintage .

Hence the name L'mdias (little miss do it all) ;)

But of those artistic abilities the Most Important and rewarding to her is The Art of Compassion,  Loving , Accepting and offering Healing and comfort to others, for who they are & supporting where they want to go and what they want to be , to be apart of this Journey we know as Life !